Membership Dues

Membership dues are based upon an institution's Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Faculty count (Full-time count plus part-time equivalency count, as reported to IPEDS).

NERCOMP's Program Year runs from July 1 to June 30. You are welcome to join NERCOMP at any time within the Program Year. All NEW members must pay for the full price in joining anytime from July through February of the NERCOMP fiscal year.

If joining in March, a new member would pay the full year's amount for the following fiscal year but would receive the standard early payment discount. Essentially, the institution would receive a few months free membership by paying in advance. Once payment is received, membership would include all rights & privileges.

NERCOMP Membership Information

Each NERCOMP member institution must assign a person on campus to be an Institutional Representative. Responsibilities of the Institutional Representative include dissemination of information from NERCOMP mailing lists, attendance at the Annual Meeting of the members, voting in the annual election and active participation in NERCOMP activities. Multi-school or multi-campus institutions may wish to consider combining their FTE counts and applying for one "umbrella" membership. An umbrella membership requires only a single Institutional Representative.

*Dues paid before August 1st receive a 10% discount.

Dues paid between August 1st and September 1st pay the Full Renewal amount.

Dues paid after September 1st may incur a $250 late fee.

  • Institution Membership

    12 months
    Package price
    Included with institutional membership